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Herbal Remedies for Hyperactivity, Tension, Anxiety, etc. in Dogs

Anxiety in dogs Herbal Remedies for Anxiety in Dogs Herbal Remedies for Hyperactivity in dogs Hyperactive dogs

herbal remedies for hyperactive dogs - kerstins natureproducts

It’s important to accept a certain amount of hyperactivity in pets, but what is unhealthy is a pet whose high energy disrupts their quality of life. Examples of this include, separation anxiety, excessive shaking, aggressiveness, loss of appetite, or vomiting.

Natural remedies for hyperactive dogs are milder and safer to use than conventional medication. Natural remedies include the use of herbs, essential oils, flower essences, and nutritional supplements to reduce anxiety and calm the hyperactive dog. While herbal remedies will not "cure" your dog's hyperactivity, some herbs can be used to temporarily and symptomatically calm him down so that both of you can take a breather!

Calming the nervous system doesn’t always mean sedation. In this case we are talking about nourishment.

There are several nerve-calming herbs that can be used on hyperactive dogs, but different dogs react differently to the herbs. Some herbs are more effective on some dogs, so try the different herbs on your dog to see which one(s) work best!

For any of the herbs, you can make a tea and add it to your pets’ food, sprinkle the herb directly on their food, or give them tincture, capsules or tablets.

oat - kerstins nature productsOat is an excellent nerve-calming herb and is nutritious as well. Cooked oatmeal can be added to your dog's food. (Note, however, that if your dog is prone to yeast infections, DO NOT give oat to your dog. Yeast thrives on sugars and oat is a grain and is a rich source of sugars.) 

chamomile - kerstins nature productsChamomile reduces anxiety in dogs that are stressed out. It calms the nerve as well as induces sleep. You can give chamomile tea or tincture to your dog before a long drive or soak a treat in the tea.

valerian - kerstins nature productsValerian reduces tension, anxiety, overexcitability in dogs. 

skullcap - kerstins nature productsSkullcap is effective for nervous tension. It also helps epileptic dogs.

lemon balm - kerstins nature productsLemon Balm is a calming nervine, also wonderful for over activity, excitability and to calm the digestive system

    Also, consider trying aromatherapy. Getting your pet to take his dose of aromatherapy is the nicest part of this method. There are dozens of easy ways to get the fragrance into the room where your pet stays: nebulizers that disperse the aroma throughout the room, various devices that utilize the heat of a lamp bulb to waft the fragrance into the air, or simply putting the essential oil (or even the whole herb) into a pillow under the pet’s sleeping place, for example.

    aromatherapy for dogs - kerstins nature products

    My favorite essential oil blend for calming pets is Insomnia Relief Essential Oil Blend which contains Lavender, Chamomile and Clary Sage - aromas proven to quiet barking dogs in kennels.

    Every pet responds differently to these natural products, so if you find that your pet doesn't respond well to one, consider trying a different product. The right choice for your pet is the one he will readily accept.

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