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Aroma means scent, and therapy means treatment. Aromatherapy, then, is the use of the fragrant parts of aromatic plants to improve your health and general well-being. Essential oils, the fragrant, concentrated liquids extracted from the flowers, leaves, roots, bark, and fruit of an aromatic plant, are the main ingredients in aromatherapy treatments.
Aromatherapy has many other benefits, too. Inhaling the appropriate fragrance can reduce stress, lift a depression, hasten a good night's sleep, soothe your soul, or give you more energy.

Massaging aromatic oils into your skin is another way to benefit from aromatherapy. Aromatherapy massage is a popular way of using essential oils because it works in several ways at the same time. Your skin absorbs essential oils and you also breathe them in. Essential oils, offer a multitude of healing benefits in addition to their individual scents.

Aromatherapy is very versatile and can be used in many different ways to treat a wide range of physical and emotional problems.

The aromatherapy oil blends you find in my store were designed to be therapeutic and healing for various ailments and emotional moods. However, it is important to note that synergy blends are not medicine in the commonly accepted sense, nor should they be applied directly to the skin. I recommend all essential oil blends be used in dilution, and that they not be ingested.