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Migraine Relief Essential Oil Blend - Kerstin's Nature Products

Migraine Relief Essential Oil Blend



If you've ever suffered from migraines, the symptoms are all too familiar: extreme sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, a throbbing, pulsating pain. 

MIGRAINE RELIEF OIL BLEND is especially designed for migraines, but also for other types of head aches (like tension head ache, sinus or fever related head aches etc.), and you can use it in several different ways. Although this treatment can't actually stop the process of a migraine in the brain, they can help relive many migraine symptoms. You can use MIGRAINE RELIEF OIL BLEND in several ways - applied to the skin; in candles; in diffusers; inhaled from a bottle, tissue, or piece of cotton; put in your bath water; or added to hot or cold compresses.

Often a drop of the MIGRAINE RELIEF OIL BLEND on the temples will bring almost instant relief, or you can put 2-3 drops on the occiput (back of the neck) with a cold compress on top and some massage to the neck and shoulder can avoid the attack. You may dilute the essential oil blend in olive oil before applying it to your skin since all oils in the blend are pure and undiluted and very strong.

Ingredients: Pure undiluted essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon

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