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Herbs for knee pain

knee pain - kerstin's nature products

There are many causes of knee pain. Throughout our lives, our knees bear the weight of our bodies. Consequently, knees can be prone to injury and disease. Age, injury and disease can all cause and contribute to temporary or chronic knee pain. Fortunately, there are several herbs that can be taken internally and/or applied externally to provide relief for knee and joint pain: 

aloe vera - kerstin's nature productsAloe vera can heal more than a sunburn; it also can act as an anti-swelling agent. The enzyme called bradykiniase helps ease swelling and possibly pain.

cabbage for pain - kerstin's nature productsCabbage leaves. Although a tasty vegetable, cabbage leaves also have cooling effects and serve as a slight anti-inflammatory for hot, inflamed knees. Use the whole leaves of the cabbage. Blanch the number of leaves you need to wrap the area and simply wrap them around knee. Cover the leaves with plastic wrap to keep in place and leave overnight. Don't wrap so tightly that it cuts off circulation. If your knee is swollen, repeat the above procedure every 4 hours or until the swelling subsides.

comfrey salve - kerstin's nature productsComfrey (Symphytum officinale) may also act as an anti-inflammatory and promote new cell growth. It is best used as a topical treatment. You can either use Comfrey Salve or mash the root to create a compress or use a comfrey tea-soaked bandage after icing the knee.

meadowsweet - kerstin's nature productsMeadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) is a pain-reliever and an anti-inflammatory. Create a tea with 1 to 2 teaspoons meadowsweet flowers. You can drink up to three cups a day to help stop your pain.

calendula tincture - kerstin's nature productsCalendula (Marigold) (Calendula offinalis). Take about 30 drops of Calendula Tincture three times a day. Or make a soothing cup of tea with a handful of marigold flowers. Let the flowers steep in hot water for about 15 minutes. You can also soak a compress in the left over tea and apply it directly to the knee. Or use a Calendula infused herbal oil or tincture and apply directly to the knee.

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