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Cabbage Cabbage wrap for wounds eczema psoriasis pain Herbal Remedies Home Remedies

cabbage - kerstins nature productsIt’s no surprise that many of the foods you know and eat everyday often have surprising healing properties.

And while most of these foods work internally, some have similar, if not more powerful effect when applied directly to the skin.

Perhaps one of the most unusual foods you can use topically is cabbage. Believe it or not, cabbage poultices are actually a common and effective home remedy.

Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and broccoli contain methionine, an essential amino acids required for growth and tissue repair. In fact, placing a piece of lightly blanched cabbage over your wounds fight infection and inflammation and reduces healing time.

Here is how to do:

cabbage wrap for sin problems and pain - kerstins nature productsTake outer leaves of cabbage and swill well under running water. Gently pat dry with clean cotton cloth or better still air dry.
Spread leaves on a board or table so that the inner side of leaves face upwards (inner side of leaves must face up as they contain the most valuable nutrients with less chemicals).

Bruise the inner sides by rolling out with a rolling pin. This ensures that cells and nutrients are broken. Then wrap the leaves around the affected part of the body ensuring comfort. Secure with a bandage or cloth. Assistance to do this may be necessary. Leave on for at least an hour. Remove leaves.

Note: Be prepared for an awful smell. This smell confirms that the toxin drawing properties of the cabbage has done it's job! Don't be surprised to notice how much better the eczema is.

Cabbage Leaves work great for arthritis too: boil some cabbage leaves, cool lightly, apply the warm leaves to hands or joints wrap with towel.

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