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Healing Herbs

Healing Herbs

Healing Herbs


Aloe Vera - Brings immediate cooling relief to insect bites and wounds and helps reduce itching. Helps soften and soothe skin.

Burdock - Support healthy liver & kidney function; help facilitate removal of toxins from body; promotes healthy skin; skin irritations; supports healthy lymphatic system.

Calendula - Inflammatory conditions; gastritis; skin inflammation & irritations (eczema, rashes); burns; cuts; bruises; promotes wound healing; hemorrhoids; menstrual irregularities (excessive menstruation); blood purifier; glandular swelling.

Mint - Indigestion; gas; nausea; colic; heart burn; stomachache; loss of appetite; colitis; Crohn's disease; headache; anxiety; tension; colds; fever; chills; bad breath; vomiting; dysmenorrhea; fatigue; motion & morning sickness; itchy skin; joint inflammation.

Chamomile - Indigestion; hyperacidity; bloating; feeling of fullness; mild spasmodic gastrointestinal complaints; sluggish bowels; weak stomach; loss of appetite; tonic; anxiety; nervousness; restlessness; rheumatism; wash for sore & weak eyes; skin wash for sores.

Catnip - Childhood colds & colic; controls fever, especially in children; digestive aid (gas, bloating, stomach upsets); nervousness; stress; insomnia; relieves spasms; muscular & menstrual cramps; pain reliever.

Cayenne - Circulatory tonic; cardiovascular function; arterial health; improves digestion; alleviates gas, upset stomach and nausea; improves metabolism; respiratory health; culinary spice.

Comfrey - Promotes healthy tissue repair and supports cartilage and joint function, tendon and muscle discomfort, as well as to soothe irritated skin.

Dandelion - Liver & gallbladder complaints; blood purifier; constipation; gastric disorders; loss of appetite, indigestion; aids digestion of fats; improves appetite & digestion; high cholesterol; eczema, psoriasis.

Elder - Tonic; colds; flu; coughs; fever; diarrhea; diuretic- promotes urinary and bladder health.

Eucalyptus - Coughs, bronchitis, colds, flu, sore throat, respiratory congestion, fevers, digestive complaints, inhalant, flea control for animals.

Ginger Root - Digestive aid, flatulence, colic, intestinal gas; lung congestion; expectorant; bronchial spasms; opens sinuses; relieves pain.

Garlic - Supports healthy blood pressure; maintains cholesterol levels already within normal range; promotes heart health; circulatory health; supports lymphatic function; blood purifier; intestinal parasites; immune health; culinary spice.

Ginseng - Supports energy; helps body adapt to physical & mental stress; boosts stamina & vitality; restores sexual energy; improves mental performance & concentration; supports hormone balance; immune system support.

Goldenseal - Healthy immune response (best used at first sign of symptoms); respiratory system support; digestive tonic; sore throat, canker sores, irritated gums (gargle/mouthwash).

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