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How to make a simple Bloodroot Paste?

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Bloodroot  has a rich history in Native American culture as a medicinal plant. Bloodroot's medicinal properties when used as a salve or paste are great because it is antibacterial. It has been used for centuries as an herbal cure for abnormal skin growths before modern medicine was able to cure these problems. It's most popular for its ability to dissolve abnormal skin growths and is used in modern times by herbal practitioners for this purpose.

It is very easy to make a simple Bloodroot Paste from just very few ingredients:

how to make bloodroot paste - kerstins nature products

Grind about 1 teaspoon of the Bloodroot in a coffee grinder to make a powder (always make your own Bloodroot Powder from whole or cut Bloodroot, so you know for sure it is real Bloodroot powder) . 



how to make bloodroot paste - kerstins nature products


Now just add some water or olive oil to the Bloodroot Powder to make a paste.




This paste can be used to put over skin problems, covered with gauze and taped. Change twice daily leaving on over-night.

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