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Sore Muscle Rub Salve - Kerstin's Nature Products

Sore Muscle Rub Salve

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Ease the pain, sore aching muscles from fibromyalgia, morning stiffness, or everyday aches and pains with this wonderful salve.

If you've ever taken a tumble off your bike or exercised too vigorously, you've had to make a decision about what product, if any, to use to handle the resultant muscle pain. Sore Muscle Rub Salve can provide immediate relief for minor pains, but will need to be reapplied periodically if your aches and pains are persistent. The salve uses the power of essential oils which are well known for relieving muscle pain and reducing inflammation.

Sore Muscle Rub Salve provides safe and effective topical pain relief without the pills for sore muscles, arthritis, neck and shoulder stiffness, and just about any other aches and pains that may come your way.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bees Wax, essential oil of Clove Buds, Eucalyptus and Thyme

Apply to affected area as often as needed.

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is compiled from traditional and modern herb books, articles, and research. This information is summarized for its educational value and should not be used for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease. It should not be used to replace the services of a qualified practitioner. When you are buying this product you are agreeing to be fully responsible for your own health, and hold seller free of any liability. The seller, assumes NO responsibility for any adverse reactions from the usage of these products.

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