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Comfrey Leaf - Dried Herb ~Multiple Sizes

Comfrey Leaf - Dried Herb ~Multiple Sizes



COMFREY LEAF (Symphytum Officinale) Dried Herb, Cut and Sifted

Comfrey Leaf  is a contact healer and has been used for tissue and bone healing and as a treatment for cuts, skin ulcers, burns, varicose veins, and rheumatism. Comfrey Leaf is an effective healer because it contains allantoin, and for this reason it is helpful in growing new flesh and bone cells and for accellerating the healing process. Comfrey, commonly known as knitbone and bruisewort, hints at its use to heal sprains and broken bones or fractures, pulled tendons and tissue. It is also considered a major first aid medication applied topically over fractured bones, speeding up the healing and closing process.

Comfrey leaves have noticeable anti-inflammatory effects which can benefit fungal infections if your skin has become inflamed, hot and sore. When treating skin fungus with herbal Comfrey Leaf, you are treating both the cause and the symptoms of the condition with its natural antifungal properties. Research has shown Comfrey Leaf to be very useful for treating athlete's foot and as a douche for women to treat yeast infections. Sore and caked breasts are treated with a poultice of comfrey. This herbal extract helps relieve tenderness quickly.

Herbalists continue to use Comfrey Leaf topically for symptoms associated with acne flare-ups. The plant's astringent tannins accelerates the healing of acne by removing dead tissue and fluid and provide a protective covering over acne infections. Comfrey's anti-inflammatory properties help relieve the pain and inflammation of pus-filled pimples.

How to make an easy Comfrey Poultice?

Pour boiling water over about 1 oz dried comfrey leaf, just enough to moisten. Mash with fork, let cool  and strain herbs. Wrap herbs in cheesecloth or thin cotton rag. Don't wrap in too many layers since you want the plant matter to be close to the skin. Place poultice onto skin and warp with elastic bandage if necessary to secure in place. Change poultice every few hours or so. 

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