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Orange Peel - Dried Herb Cut



Orange Peel is the ripened rind (which sometimes becomes more potent with age) of the Orange and is a particularly rich source of vitamin C. As an ingredient in candies, marmelades, herbal medicine, cosmetics, soaps, perfumes, aromatherapy, etc. Orange Peel is one of the most important sources of vitamin C on earth (the Peel contains more than the pulp), and is also rich in citric acid and d-limonene. Other constituents include p-synephrine, pectin, volatile oils, hesperidin, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin A.

Traditional Usage:

  •  Appetite Stimulant
  •  Digestive Disorders
  •  Gastric-juice Deficiency
  •  Gastrointestinal Disorders
  •  Prevention of abnormal growths (skin, breast, colon, etc.)

Suggested Amount:

Orange peel can be taken as a tea with the recommended dosage of a cold or moderately hot cup of tea taken several times a day half an hour before meals. An infusion is made using 2-3g (one teaspoonful) of the coarsely cut peel. Boiling water (ca. 150ml) is poured over this and extracted for 10-15 minutes. The tea can also be prepared by soaking the orange peel pieces in cold water for 6-8 hours, with occasional stirring.

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