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Circulation and Vein Tonic Extract - Kerstin's Nature Products

Circulation and Vein Tonic Extract


Poor circulation can has an adverse effect on all your bodily systems including your heart, lungs,veins and mental focus. Poor circulation is often signaled by cold feet, swollen ankles, edema etc.. This herbal remedy for improved circulation works naturally, improving heart function, toning and repairing the veins, and purifying and thinning the blood, allowing it to flow more freely.

Internally the tincture stimulates the heart, regulating the blood flow and strengthening the arteries and capillaries. Suggested dosage: Take 20 drops three times a day with some water.

It can also be used externally for poor circulation, edema and to relief pain. Avoid the eyes and other sensitive area of the body.

About the ingredients:

Butchers Broom is a traditional remedy for varicose veins and other circulatory conditions. It has the ability to relive leg pain caused by poor circulation and related symptoms, including swelling, itching, cramping, heaviness, tension and numbness.

Ginger Root stimulates body tissues, and is also an excellent remedy for poor circulation.

Rosemary stimulates the central nervous system and circulation. It helps to adjust fast heart beats caused especially by irritability, coffee or tobacco excess. The plant also has a good influence on the blood circulation and blood pressure.

Gingko Leaf, which is best known for improving memory, is an excellent circulation booster, because it helps to increase the flow of blood through the brain.

Lemon Balm is specifically recommended to help deal with stress, and as a result, help with poor circulation. It contains a number of volatile oils that strengthen the nervous system, and it also has anti-viral properties.

Contains: Butchers Broom Herb, Ginger Root, Rosemary Leaf, Gingko Leaf, Lemon Balm, Vitamin C, Grain Alcohol, Distilled Water

Please note: 
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